What does a Home Insurance Policy Cover?

A mini house sitting on coins and under an umbrella, beside the words "Homeowners Insurance"

Home insurance is a vital part of making sure that your home is protected, but a basic policy won’t cover every kind of damage that can affect your house. The amount of coverage you receive varies by policy, but one thing is always guaranteed: certain types of property damage will not be covered unless you purchase an upgraded home insurance policy. In addition, there will be caps on how much damage and loss is covered by your home insurance policy, so you may need to purchase additional coverage based on your needs.

Here is an idea of what a basic home insurance policy will cover and what you may need additional coverage for:

Coverage for your Home’s Structure

You can’t predict disasters, which is one of the biggest reasons that you need home insurance. One of the biggest ways that disasters affect your home is structural damage. Here are the kinds of structural damage that you can expect a basic home insurance policy to cover:

  • Fire damage

  • Explosions

  • Lightning damage

  • Hail damage

  • Smoke damage

  • Aircraft damage

  • Hurricane damage

  • Volcano damage

  • Damage to other structures on your property, such as a garage, fencing, or tool shed

What Structural Damage Might I Need Additional Coverage For?

  • Flood damage. This may be covered by your basic home insurance policy, but it may not. Flooding caused by your appliances or plumbing could be covered by a basic policy. Flooding due to rising water from rain is only covered with a separate flood insurance policy.

  • Roof collapse due to the weight of ice, snow, or sleet.

  • Glass breakage. Again, this may or may not be covered by your basic home insurance policy.

  • Windstorm damage if you live in a hurricane-prone area like south Texas.

  • Earthquake damage if you live in an earthquake-prone area like California.

Personal Property Protection

The property within your home is covered by your home insurance policy. In many cases, the property within your vehicle is also covered by the same personal property coverage – even if it gets destroyed in an accident.

If your home’s structure is protected against a certain kind of natural or unexpected disaster, then your personal property will be protected against it as well. For example, if a fire destroys your property as well as your home, personal property coverage will cover the property loss or damage.

Coverage for personal belongings also covers theft.

What Personal Property Might I Need Additional Coverage For?

It’s important to note that personal property coverage usually has a cap on how much compensation you can get. You may want to purchase extra property coverage to cover more of your belongings in case of a disaster. If you have a lot of expensive items – such as art or jewelry – you can purchase extra policies for each, or you can get an umbrella policy to cover a larger portion of your losses.

Liability Protection

If someone gets hurt on your property or you destroy someone else’s (non-vehicle) property, home insurance liability protection will cover you. Liability coverage can even cover court costs if someone decides to sue you for their injuries or damage.

What Extra Liability Coverage Might I Need?

Just like personal property protection, liability coverage under your home insurance policy usually has caps. You can purchase an umbrella or excess liability policy if you think you’ll need more liability coverage.

If you need help deciding what kind of home insurance coverage you need and what insurance company will best meet your needs, contact Schertz Insurance. They offer a wide range of policies from a wide range of providers, and they can help you get exactly the right kind of coverage for your home and property.