5 Simple Ways to Lower your Car Insurance Premium Costs

Couple checking car insurance bill at home

You have to have car insurance to drive legally, but you don’t have to be stuck with high rates. Simple changes to the way you drive, how you store your car and even your overall credit score can help reduce the amount of money you pay each month for your car insurance. While every individual or family is unique when it comes to coverage needs, these tips and ideas can help you whittle down your premiums and ensure you are not overpaying for your car insurance

Take a Defensive Driving Course

If your auto insurance company is one of the many who rewards safe driving with lower rates, you may get a discount by attending a defensive or safe driving course. Classes don’t take a whole lot of time, but the skills you learn could help you avoid an accident – and lower your premiums as well.

Move the Car into the Garage

If you park your car on the street or in a driveway, you may be overpaying for car insurance. Storing your car in the garage protects it from both theft and the elements and can result in lower insurance costs, too.

Drive an Older Car

You don’t need to drive a beat up antique, but driving a car that is a few years old will cut your insurance costs. In most cases, a brand new car will have a pricey insurance policy to match.

Improve your Credit Score

Improving your credit score does more than secure you a good rate on your car loan or home mortgage, it can lower your insurance costs, too. According to Consumer Reports, if you’ve recently worked to improve your credit, you could see a reduction in your insurance costs for the next year.

Choose a Higher Deductible

Your deductible, or the amount you’ll need to spend out of your own pocket when you have a claim, impacts the cost of your insurance. Setting a higher deductible can lower your insurance costs. Deductibles can range from nothing to $1,500 or more. If you can afford to pay a bit if something goes wrong you can get a better rate on your car insurance premiums.

Worried you’re overpaying for your car insurance – or looking to make the jump to a provider that not only helps you save but is committed to customer service? We can help! Contact us to learn how easy it is to save on your insurance without sacrificing quality or service.