How To Decide If You Should Call Your Insurance Company After A Car Accident

female hands hold mobile smartphone photographing car accident for insurance

After an automobile accident occurs, you will need to decide if it is worth your time to file a claim with your insurance company. Take a moment to catch your breath and work through the initial stress caused by the accident before proceeding. Once you have a moment, go through the following items to decide if your car is damaged enough for a call to your automobile insurance agent.

Assess the Damage

Even if your vehicle does not look severely damaged at a glance, underlying issues could be hiding beneath the body panels or within the moving components. You will need to assess the damage to determine if the total costs to repair your car necessitate a call to the insurance company. If possible, take pictures of any visible damage with your phone.  These photos are valuable in case you need confirmation of the incident. When choosing auto body repair shop, make sure to select one that offers a free quote so you can objectively assess the condition of your vehicle. Any damage to the unibody or frame, suspension or braking components will likely require prompt repairs to ensure your vehicle remains safe to operate on public roads.

Compare the Costs of Filing a Claim

When you file an insurance claim for accident coverage, you must fulfill the selected deductible before your insurance covers the remaining amount of the repair bill. If you have a high deductible plan, you may benefit from simply paying for the repairs instead of contacting the insurance company. You should consider the total amount for the repairs against the potential for rate hikes or other problems while determining if you should notify your agent.

Consider Your Claim History

Filing too many claims in a short period of time can impact your monthly premiums or even result in the cancellation of your insurance plan. Reflect on your total number of insurance claims in the past five years and across the current year to determine if you are at risk of rate hikes or cancellation. If your auto insurance plan is linked to your homeowner’s coverage, you may want to play it safe to avoid having to search for a new insurance provider in the near future.

Look at the Involvement of Other Parties

Car accidents involving other vehicles, or incidents resulting in property damage, almost always need to be reported to the insurance company. You must provide your insurance information to give the other party a chance to acquire compensation for the damage if you are deemed at fault. You do not have to pursue coverage for your own vehicle’s damages, however, but it may make sense since the claim was already made against your plan.

By assessing these areas, you can easily determine if you will benefit from filing a claim with your auto insurance after an accident. If you need to set up an insurance plan or receive support from qualified insurance professionals, contact Schertz Insurance by calling 940-891-4803.