What a Small Business Owner Needs to Think about when Choosing an Insurance Provider

Businessman talking with his insurance agent about business insurance

Business insurance protects your organization from a variety of risks, including everything from liability to errors or omissions; choosing the right team for your insurance needs will make it easy to get the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. The right insurance provider for you will have excellent communication skills, the experience and knowledge to help you and the ability to provide a custom, comprehensive package designed to give you peace of mind.

Your Provider Needs Outstanding Communication Skills

Your insurance provider needs to be a great communicator, not just a salesperson. He or she needs to be able to listen and learn about your business, answer your questions and provide easy to understand explanations of the coverage you need to protect your business. When you choose a provider who communicates well, you can be sure that you’ll fully understand the process and that your business insurance needs are really being understood and met.

Your Insurance Provider Needs to be a Capable Adviser

Any agent or provider you are considering working with should have a full understanding of what you do, what potential risks you are exposed to and even what your future insurance needs could be. By fully understanding your business and needs, your provider can create a package designed to support your unique needs and ensure you are completely covered. At the very minimum, you’ll need liability insurance; your provider should be able to clearly outline what other coverage your business needs and tell you why you need it.

Your Provider Needs the Right Kind of Experience

It’s tempting to use the same provider you use for your home, life or auto insurance for your business, but this is often a mistake. Business insurance requires specific expertise and someone focused on personal and residential products simply won’t have the experience you need to fully protect your business. The right provider will include business insurance as a specialty, either alone or alongside personal products.

The Right Provider will be Able to Fully Cover Your Business

Can the provider you’re considering provide adequate insurance and the coverage levels you need? It is important to find out before you make a final decision. Both the liability coverage and coverage for your business assets need to be enough to provide full, comprehensive protection. Your provider should also be able to provide solutions that will take your future and long-term needs into consideration.

Will They Be There When You Need Them?

Your chosen provider needs to be more than someone who just completes paperwork and gets you started; they need to be someone you can contact easily and who can provide you with information and help when you need it most. Can you trust them with one of your most valuable assets and do you feel comfortable with them? If you can say yes, then you may have found the right provider for your organization.

If you’re worried about protecting your organization and assets, we can help. Our knowledgeable and experienced agents work hard to learn about your business and to fully understand your needs. We make sure you understand your options and can help you select the most comprehensive coverage for your business — for now and in the future.