What a Small Business Owner Needs to Think about when Choosing an Insurance Provider

Businessman talking with his insurance agent about business insurance

Business insurance protects your organization from a variety of risks, including everything from liability to errors or omissions; choosing the right team for your insurance needs will make it easy to get the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. The right insurance provider for you will have excellent communication skills, the experience […]

5 Simple Ways to Lower your Car Insurance Premium Costs

Couple checking car insurance bill at home

You have to have car insurance to drive legally, but you don’t have to be stuck with high rates. Simple changes to the way you drive, how you store your car and even your overall credit score can help reduce the amount of money you pay each month for your car insurance. While every individual […]

How Does Your Credit Affect your Insurance Rates in Texas?

woman holding credit score sign

Texas is similar to most other states in that your credit score and history will be used to set your insurance rates; only California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts avoid using credit scoring when rates are calculated. Drivers with better credit scores generally receive better rates than those with poor credit. Learning more about the way credit impacts […]